Thursday, January 05, 2006

A new list

Things I am trying not to resent.

* The bed I am supposed to be sleeping in smells like my sister's fiance. Ew.

* The glow in the dark stars my brother stuck on the ceiling years ago resemble something disturbing.

* I never went to a formal dance in high school. I want the dress. And the updo.

* My mother never taught me how to use make up or choose perfume. She taught my younger sister, who I watched and finally asked for help.

* Not being a brunette medievalist. (Luckily my better half has this covered.)

* He's married. He didn't even have the guts to tell me he was engaged. Jerk.

* Did I mention this bed smells?


Master Fob said...

Well, I, um, didn't know you when I got engaged and I had no idea you'd, um, take it so personally. Sorry.

editorgirl said...

Not everything is about you, Master Fob. I mean, almost everything is, but a few things are about other men in my life.

(And on the record, I'm glad you're married. In an I-adore-Foxy-and-S-Boogie kind of way.)

Toasteroven said...

That bed thing---wow, I'd hate it if it smelled like my sister's S.O., let me tell you.

FoxyJ said...

My mom never taught me how to buy makeup or stuff like that. My best friend and her mom helped me buy some for prom. I still have the bright red lipstick and I never use it. I've also never had an updo or had my hair professionally styled, even though I've wanted it (it's always been too short). Maybe next semester we should ask some people to Preference so we can live out our high school dreams ;)

KapkaVictim said...

Yeah. That's a good point. At the risk of constantly being the naggy, pro-active one (usually this role is filled by my sister) why /don't/ you just ask someone to preference and do the whole princess thing?

One of the coolest ward activities I've ever gone on was "Ward Prom." We had a DJ and (digital) pictures and everyone wore the most formal dresses they had. I have a blue, sleeveless, princess-seam dress from when my best friend, MEP, asked me to prom. That was one of the nicest things anyone's done for me. I spent forever trying to figure out how to put sleeves on it. Even my grandma said I should just go sleeveless. But MEP doesn't roll that way. Niether do I. I'd have to be stunningly attractive before I could dress immodestly. I still love that dress. I can just wear a jacket over the top.

I don't look good in an updo, but I do sport a mean crown.


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