Friday, January 13, 2006


I am about to go teach 115. I should be working on my lesson plan. I should figure out what I'm going to teach today, preferrably before I get to the classroom. From where I'm sitting in the TNRB atrium, I can see at least five of my students, also waiting for class, all assuming that I have something to say.

And no, I haven't called him. Yet.

(End of post. Cliffhanger. Crappy one, but still a cliffhanger. I'm the next Stephen King, I am.)


Master Fob said...

"Yet" gives me hope. Call him.

erin said...

So how did class go?

Melyngoch said...

Nah. You're the next Dan Brown.

I'm on the edge of my carpet square in anticipation. Do we get action already?


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