Monday, January 02, 2006

I never said thank you for that

A sudden need to write. A sudden need to listen to Death Cab for Cutie's "The New Year." In a house of DCFC fans, can't find the song anywhere. And Sven's pre-mission CD collection is now verboten. Life is hard.

I'm home again. I've tried to ignore the fact by--you guessed it--sleeping. And then sleeping some more. Movie with LittleSister. And a realization that the family must be given 'nyms if I'm going to go on discussing them with you.

My parents can continue on as Mom and Dad, or my mother and father, as needed. My brother on a mission is Sven. Sister getting hitched on Friday has been known as Sister, but this all changes as of right now. She is now LaLa and her fiance will be Jeremiah. The singing wonder, also known as the womanizer and my 15-year-old brother is now the Jester. And the baby is Marzipan. The baby is also 11-years-old. The dog can continue to be the dog.

Saturday night, aka New Years Eve, has mostly dissolved into this dreamlike haze and I'm not sure if it all really happened. I told my mother I had to pay to get 24 people into the house. In reality I just offered food and conversation with other people. It's amazing how if enough food and conversation options are presented, people will take care of themselves. It was a fun night. A long night. I'm still exhausted. (Of course, that could be the meds. The warning label says something like, "May cause drowsiness." Sleeping the majority of the day away counts as drowsiness, right?)

And now, in place of Resolutions, which I am determined are bad for your health, What I Learned on the Last Night of 2005:

1. A young child can make any party that much better. (Many thanks to Master Fob and FoxyJ for bringing S-Boogie. And that child can boogie.)

2. Hotessing and poker are not a good combination. I couldn't concentrate on my hand long enough to do anything worthwhile. Mad props to Duchess for rocking the game. And props to Thirdmango for being such a good loser.

3. Real food trumps desserts. I'm glad it wasn't an evening of brownies and cookies, etc. Although now I have insane amounts of chocolate because we had to hide the lot of it from S-Boogie, who still managed to find piece after piece.

4. I will never play Petra in any form of Scrabble. I like my pride where it is, thank you.

5. I like people. And hugs. I'm starting out slow, though. Right now the short list is very short: Fobs only. And two-year-olds. (And the Jester and Marzipan, but they weren't there.)

6. The shortest distance between a crush and me is not compliments, but the dishwasher.

7. I'm out. Not of things to be happy about. Or good things about that night. But the final thing on this list is "Never regret your folds."


Thirdmango said...

I tried finding the chocolate a couple times, you hid it too well for me to find it. I didn't have a single Mr. Goodbar.

Master Fob said...

I second all your conclusions. Especially about hostessing and poker. I'm a horrible hostess when I play poker.

KapkaVictim said...


erin said...

Ah, but it was so much fun. Thanks for hostessing. Next time you shouldn't hostess and then you can play with us more intently. :)


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