Saturday, November 27, 2004

The editor is naked.

I have been found out, discovered via Google. One more person knows the identity of editorgirl. I feel naked. And yet this allows me to ramble on about an interesting concept that continually fascinates me. In the words of our good friend William, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other word would smell as sweet." We'll ignore that this is being offered by a vapid, suicidal 13-year-old. . . or maybe we won't. The idea is that you are free to act differently under different names, which become different personas. As editorgirl I am more outspoken and to be perfectly honest, less considerate of other people. Under my publishing pseudonym I'm someone who actually considers herself a poet. . . another interesting topic. Maybe I'm just hung up on labels, but I'm more interested (today) in the labels we slap on ourselves. When Miss K posts quotes about "the genuine poet," I have to ask if I am a geniune poet and if I can honestly define myself as such. And the question becomes can I ever (or you, if you care to project these musings onto yourself) combine the different labels and personalities to be a whole person? I suppose time (and some more late afternoon ramblings) will tell. Or I'm sure you have your two bits to throw into the pot. Of course, 25 cents is a lot to ask for an opinion.


Kristen said...

Memo: to editor girl
re: nakedness: a few things I should mention

1. I love being the first to post on your blog.
2. Rex is extremely creepy.
3. You were wearing clothes when he found you out.
4. Who's holding the genuine-ness of the poet in question? the author of a vapid, nameless quote. (watch out, it's probably from someone incredible like, um, billy collins, and then we'll be eating our words...;)
5. Translation for #4 into English: It's not a personal judgement being passed on you by ____. I'm pointing this out because I think you already know and refuse to recognize.
6. You better recognize.
7. If I put any more loose change into this blog I think I'll deserve a gumball at the very least.

peace out,
special k, the sophisticate.
(not the sophist.)
I know you were waiting to make that joke. consider it made.

editorgirl said...

Memo to Miss K.
Re: labels and names

Apparently everyone is going to spill their opinions on the issue of labels and names and such. (Props to Rex for the social dance class, btw.) Fact: I already admitted to liking labels because it makes the world both more interesting and easier to deal with. At the same time, I resist labels. And again I'm not making much sense.

I mis-stated my whole thought about the "genuine" poet. The statement begs the definition of both genuine and poet, forcing you to first decide if you are one or the other or both (genuine, a poet, or a genuine poet). At this point in time, I'm debating labeling myself as a poet. To tell the truth, in my head, I'm too much of a chameleon to apply any specific writer-bound label to myself. And I don't think that I am a poet in the same sense that Miss K is a poet. Not that there's anything wrong or self-deprecating about that. It's just an observation. I think.

Kristen said...
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editorgirl said...

In regards to number two: I said "One more person knows the identity of editorgirl." I knew that all of April knew, along with a few other people. At the same time, in most cases I'd prefer to decide who knows my true identity. For example, my roommates now know, which makes me a little nervous about what I post on this blog. And bang, one part of editorgirl is removed by my inhibitions. Rambling, I know. But I like it.


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