Saturday, November 20, 2004

The danger of Google

A friend of mine googled (I love that verb) my name last night. Anyone feeling the great urge to do the same, please know that nothing of mine will come up. I am not a 14 year old girl in Ohio. I don't think.

The following was pulled from a website written by the individual who apparently absconded with my name.

My Mikie is bright, a wonderful guy,
even though when i first met him, he was a little shy,
I remember the time, i met you at battle of the bands,
Ashton poked you in the back, and you came over to stand,
we both were so scared, too afraid to talk,
so me, you and my friends, went for a little walk,
but then the night, drew to a close,
and i knew in my heart, you were the one i chose,
the next time i saw you, was at that one guy and hutch,
your hand by mine, but i was too afraid to touch,
then all of the sudden, you grabbed my hand,
and it felt as if i was being pulled, right out of quick sand,
then i went to Lydia's, and got on ICQ,
seen those sweet typed words, and said yes to you,
we've came along way, since that one night,
we've made through everything, down to the last fight,
Ive had so much fun, kissing your sweet soft lips,
and showing you my sticking out, bony hips,
i remember the night, after the van Halen concert,
in the back of the seat, it felt so good, but hurt,
making out with you, on that very night,
was so amazing, it was as if we were out of sight!
A few days later, you went off to Hilton head,
i wanted to go with you so bad, but i was at camp instead,
You were relaxing, the whole time you were there,
while i was working my butt off, and jumping up stairs,
Then that week you came home, and we had lots of fun,
doing things not mentioned, cause then id feel all dumb,
but all these wonderful things, are just a few from the past
and since then we've made, more than enough love to last,
theres also one thing, thats more than true,
and thats that my heart is always yours, and that i really love you!


Kristen said...

mmmmmm. bony hips. I wish I was twelve again. um I think you should submit this poem as part of your portfolio for grad school. It's a winner.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Although you two were such a cute couple at the Van Halen concert!

Jer said...

You definately should save this one for a bad poetry night -- or even a good poetry night. It's equally entertaining either way.


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