Monday, March 20, 2006

straight mode

I should be putting the finishing touches on my annotated bibliography for tomorrow--which, of course, means starting my annotated bib for tomorrow. Or at least reading the poems for my 8:00 class. So naturally I'm writing a blog and half-watching Win A Date with Tad Hamilton. Shame on me.

I should add that the title of my blog comes from Win A Date: "Do you know how long she keeps her hair in straight mode and how long in curly?" It's Pete questioning Tad on whether he knows Rosie well enough to really love her. And I listen to him and I think Topher Grace who plays Pete is cute (sorry to use the word TB, but he is), but I find myself wondering if it really matters. Do you know how long I keep my hair in each mode? Of course not. But you still love me. *shrugs cutely*

If only I had someone to deliver that speech to. Let's face it: I spend my time with men who sure as hell better not be interested in me--it's safer that way. The closest I came to flirting today was with a student, which is verboten for good reasons. Oh well, as least he was a he.

"You can't love someone for what they stand for or what they seem to be. You to love them for their details--for the little things that are them and only them." Rosie just said that in WAD. And then Tad steals Pete's line about Rosie's smiles--apparently she has six. (Honestly I don't think Kate Bosworth is that versatile an actress, but whatever.) This seems to be the message of the movie: that you have to know a person before you can love them. Which doesn't necessarily mean that you know how long they keep their hair straight or curly. But you know them. And no, not in the Biblical sense. Well--eventually in the Biblical sense, but let's take it slow.

So I called Dave tonight. Dave=D. From high school. I admit, I left a message, but, as we learn from WAD, "Honey, your odds go up when you file an application." We'll see what happens. A good chunk of me is hoping he deletes the message or got involved with some female in the two weeks since I saw him (not that I've kept track). But there's this little piece that's hoping he'll call me back and we'll figure out some time to run into each other again.

And if he does, I need to decide whether to wear my hair curly or straight. Because I honestly don't have a system. Yes, it was a trick question.


Yancy said...

I just learned a new word: verboten

thank you editorgirl :)

Master Fob said...

I'm in straight mode most of the time.

Lady Jane said...

Six smiles, eh? That seems a little weird to me. There goes smile number one. Oh wait, no that was number four. Does someone smile that distinctly?

Saule Cogneur said...
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Saule Cogneur said...

Damn spelling errors. In my general mind, curly = care-free, straight = sophisticated. My general mind also agrees with theory. Reality has yet to yield such conclusive results.

Th. said...



I, surprise, had no desire to see that movie assuming it would be about as awful as tobacco spit (if a lot sweeter). But I brought it home from work one night for Lady Steed to watch while I was at Fob. When I got home, she stopped the tape and rewound it and made me watch it.

It's one of my favorite movies. I think they captured something so real and fresh and atypical for Hollywood that...that....I don't know. Something.

Anyway, I obviously just ran out of things to say....

InDialect said...

Sometimes one does not have much of a choice between curly or straight, Saule, regardless of how carefree or sophisticated one might be.


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