Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A few thoughts from Ms. eg before she retires for the evening.

1. Everyone should read through comments for InDialect. In the very near future, I will dedicate a long post to her.

2. I'm tired.

3. I ran into Heavy D tonight. Friend from high school. Who is gorgeous. And brilliant. And just awkward enough to make me feel comfortable. Chalk one up for the "decent guys" score.

4. Still thinking about D. Sorry.

5. D D D D D D D.

6. Okay, that was a little much. My apologies.

7. One page papers are stupid. I will never assign one page papers.

8. I now need to grade a stack of one-page papers. Good night.


Tolkien Boy said...

Let's hear it for D. Hooray.

I'm all for you pursuing this man.

That is all.

Let's talk about...me! said...

Good friends and decent guys make great husbands. I know first hand. Now, let's hope that D doesn't read this post, or he'll be freaked. Unless, the power of suggestion...

Okay, how did we jump to marraige? Oh yeah, I was talking about...me!


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