Saturday, March 18, 2006

itinerant evangelist (LBB)

Um, it's been a long week. And at the end of said week, I'm finding the need to unwind (times twelve) via blogging. Here I go.

Bedtimes. This week has been marked by an unusually high amount of napping and an even more unusual "early" nights. Last night I asked LaLa to quiet her guests down--I was tired and ready for bed. Then I realized it was before 11:00. No wonder she looked at me like I was crazy.

Oh hell. I don't feel like a list. I'm annoyed tonight. I know we all like MST3K (I've only seen one) and it's fun to comment on bad movies. But even the bad ones deserve a little bit of respect. Tonight I found The Good-bye Girl for cheap at Borders (I was there to buy Howl for 617) and decided I wanted to watch it--Marsha Mason bugs but Richard Dreyfuss totally makes up for it. Yes I'm a romantic and Yes I shouldn't let myself watch chick flicks, even the unconventional ones like TGG. But the friends I watched with tonight went beyond MST3K. They were shrieking and picking it apart and I know they've both sat through and enjoyed worse fare. (Granted, I shouldn't have been surprised by the one who mentioned she'd rather watch The Notebook than About a Boy. Must find new movie watching friends and assign her to lunch dates.)

Deep breath. Back to the list of this week. Maybe.

Homework for next week: Read Calvino's Invisible Cities. Annotated bib for Lance. Presentation on Calvino. (Mon, Tues, Wed, respectively.) There are a million books on Calvino. I have no idea where to start. Oh, and my creative assignment is due Wednesday too. No idea what I'm writing about yet. I'm stuck on the one subject I know I'm not ready to write about yet.

Did not call D this week. Thought about it. No good excuse. Maybe I'll plan a poetry reading. March 31, anyone?

Two readings this week: Peter Makuck on Thursday and Lucie Brock-Broido today. Both of them were excellent readers--I like them reading better than them on the page. He was so friendly and grandfatherly. He taught my 218 class and then I walked him over to the JFSB. We talked about grad programs and the need to experience life outside of Utah--give me more material to write about. L B-squared was intense and other worldly, which seems an appropriate adjective, but I still enjoyed her. I bought books by both poets, but I'm a bit scared to read hers by myself.

About leaving Utah: everyone's doing it. I'm finding myself more and more jealous of people who are leaving this existence for another one, even if that existence isn't necessarily "better." I know I'm lucky to be where I am and I'm happy where I am, but I want to experience something new. I need something new to write about, something new for my brain to mull over. Creative writing theory has provided a lot of, well, theoretical material, but I need to apply to something and everything seems to be stock ideas. Of course, Brock-Broido pointed out today that there are only a few themes everyone writes about--she had a list of 36 by some French author, then her own list of 6, then Robert Graves's list of 3: love, death, and the changing of the seasons.

Maybe that's my answer.


InDialect said...

I love The Goodbye Girl. I actually got it from the library yesterday so Rocky (the tall, smiley r.)could see it. We'll see how that goes.
Dreyfuss is probably one of my favorites, perhaps because he always fits whatever role he plays to a t. Maybe it's type casting, maybe it's skill. Maybe it's because he plays his screen roles as though he's on stage. Come to think of it, most of his films are adaptations.
Elizabethan fruit flies, all.

Yancy said...

i love About a Boy.
and when you say Howl, so you mean Howl's Moving Castle?

Lady Jane said...

I say, let's leave utah. Road trip to WA, how about?


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