Sunday, September 25, 2005

the world's first unmanned flying desk set

10 points and a plate of cookies if you can name the movie.

Final thoughts of the evening:
1. I really want to see Elizabethtown.
2. People are not supposed to fall in love at 15.


FoxyJ said...

Umm, is that Dead Poets' Society? If it is, do I really get a plate of cookies?

editorgirl said...

A plate of cookies and ten points. I will bring them Thursday.

I re-discovered DPS last night. Actually, I don't know if "re-discovered" is the proper term. I have the entire movie stored in my head, to be played whenever necessary. But I had forgotten how much I love this scene. I think I even wrote a poem about it somewhere.

Master Fob said...

Mmm... cookies... I hope Foxy shares with me.

ambrosia ananas said...

Oh, drat. I was too late to enter the cookie competition.


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