Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What's right with me

I've been making a list all morning of what's wrong with me: my head hurts, my stomach hurts, my eye refuses to let me wear my contact today so I'm out of focus, etc. This is just a normal continuation of my usual train of thought: what's wrong with my clothes, my height, my hair, my weight, my mind, my intellect, etc. And I just had the thought: Why can't I ever list what's right with me? Not in a pompous-ass train of thought, just a natural, this-is-what-is-good-about-me way.

On another note, I told my students today that I will never tell them if they are doing (i.e., writing) something correctly or incorrectly, right or wrong. There are more effective ways of presenting a story/argument, but I refuse to be a writing teacher who says "Thou shalt" for every minor detail. I want these papers to be their papers, not mine.

Why do I have such a hard time applying this concept to my own life?


Jeremy said...

oh wow, you've been posting -- and quite a lot. Congrats! Never too late to revive a blog, I always say.

(...although I've never actually said that.)

ambrosia ananas said...

What is right--those are helpful lists to make, now and again.

Incidentally, "Running into Editorgirl" went on my mental list of Things that Went Right last week.

Asmond said...

And having Editorgirl make me TONS of wonderfully scrumptious cookies was on mine...ahhh, cookies...I just wish they didn't disappear so quickly. It's a shame really, life should be longer than that. Ahh, if only I got the chance to RUN into LL on occasion...life would be grand.


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