Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Joy List

A friend of mine had the idea that we have "pet joys," as well as "pet peeves." I started making my list elsewhere, but decided this was the perfect forum to continue. (I think this should be an april activity. Anyone second the motion?)

*really big messy hamburgers
*singing "Someone Like You" from Jekyll and Hyde
*Dali prints/posters
*quoting Say Anything
*finding other people who quote Say Anything
*reading poorly written YA novels
*reading well-written poetry and short fiction by my peers
*going to outdoor theatre. . . or any theatre for that matter
*talking about a play I just saw with intelligent (i.e., thinking) people
*my many nicknames (and the many word plays with my nicknames--thank you, Kapka)
*Kapka, conversations with
*AA, workshopping with
*Special K, not the cereal
*my collection of editing reference books
*my even-bigger collection of poetry books
*local bands
*being a local band groupie
*pictures of my family
*taking pictures with my family
*alphabetizing (too bad I didn't try with this list--I will repent and begin now)
*bagels, un-toasted, with cream cheese
*beagles named Bagel, stories of
*Beatles (such a cliche, but hey, they make me happy
*Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing
*capitalizing prepositions. . .
*chick flicks
*Divine Comedy shows, introducing people to
*Eels, The (and Kapka's educational CD)
*guys who like girls who wear glasses
*guys who like girls who wear corduroy (I know that jumped out of alphabetical order, but it sounded better this way--see "poetic license")
*incredibly tiny volume of Much Ado About Nothing
*Inscape, finishing
*Lauren Callista
*Muppets, the
*poetic license
*Rachel Yamagata, Happenstance
*Riki-Tiki booty shake
*Shakespeare, reading aloud

This list will be added to again and again.


KapkaVictim said...

Consider mine the first second.

I like this. I used to literally count my blessings like this. I like your list a lot. I like you a lot. Happy eg day.


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