Sunday, February 01, 2009

This is January

If I were as smart as I think I am, I would have posted this, oh, in January. But that's the fun of it all.
Last year, sister Lauren put together a family photo calendar. It was stunning, memorable, thrilling. And Mom decided the calendar was a new Jenkins tradition. This year, with Lauren sunning it in Alabama, I was default calendar girl. It took way too much time, but when Dad decided all children away from home got their own calendar, it was all worth it.
So tonight, I salute January. It was a long, cold month, but looking at this every morning made it survivable. I was a little sad to turn the page to a (very) pink February this morning, but it had to be done.
See you next month.
(Paragraphs are off, hence the Th.-style periods.)


Lekili said...

Looking at Abby's picture on the 14th should put a smile on your face for the full pink month!

I do love the calendar...its one of my all time favorite gifts.


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