Monday, December 08, 2008

why I wore pants to church

Maryn has now turned 14, and it is time to turn our attention to other issues. Or one other issue.

It is freezing.

Let me say that again.


When I suddenly decided (realized) I was moving to Chicago, everyone warned me about the cold. I listened, but I'm a tough Utah girl. I can take the cold. But here's the difference between Utah cold and Chicago cold (and yes, I'm aware that I should be more precise and compare city to city and state to state, but this is how I think. And I'm still not resigned to living in a state known as Illinois):

Utah Cold

Chicago Cold

See the difference? Look closely.

Utah cold has a car. Let me say that again. Utah cold has a Car.

I suddenly find myself in desparate need of coat, gloves, scarf, a second scarf to wrap around my head, and I'm still Cold. Which leads to why I wore pants to church yesterday.

If it's cold in jeans/trousers, it's even colder in a skirt. I've invested in tights (which I hate for various and obvious reasons), but with the snow, tights and heels seemed like a really bad idea yesterday. (Case in point: the week before I nearly did the splits on my 10-minute walk to the El. Luckily it was a narrow skirt, which provided some control.) So I decided I would put on my tights, but wear pants and boots until I got to church.

I'm so clever.

Until I got to the church bathroom, claimed the large stall, reached in my bag, pulled out my heels, reached in again, and

no skirt.

Right before I left for church, I had decided I wanted to wear a different skirt than I orignally planned. So I took the first skirt from my bag

and never put the second skirt in.


Th. said...


Women wear pants all the time in the Berkeley Ward. And it's not even cold. It's just easier to ride a bike, and lots of people seem to be doing that.

Katya said...

I never understood that scarves were functional, not just accessories, until I moved to Illinois. (And fwiw, Illinois has much worse wind than Utah, so even if you had no car in Utah, Illinois would still be colder.)

Christian said...

I see nothing wrong with you wearing pants to church. At all. In fact, one of our home teachers endeared himself to us even more yesterday when he got up to bear his testimony wearing jeans and an untucked shirt. Okay, so he endeared himself to me more than to Grant, but we all know who really counts here.

Besides, as word verification says, wearing pants to church is flarical.

editorgirl said...

I thought you were going to say that your home teacher got up to bear his testimony wearing a skirt.


ROAST said...

Wind + humidity = a lot colder than Utah (and I never even had to experience Chicago wind). Best of luck to you enduring the cold Midwest.

My daily wear consisted of thermals, insulated running pants, tights, leg warmers if it was really cold, and pajama pants tucked into my boots under my skirt when it was below zero. Oh yeah, and a million scarfs!

ROAST said...

. . . and that was me, Heather, not my husband Royce, btw.

Lekili said...

You kill me. Thanks for the post cause I really needed to laugh tonight. I even got the visual of you in the stall and the few sweet words that most likely escaped your mouth when the anticipated skirt did not emerge from the bag. Great story. Write some more. I think we only have to count 10 more days until you experience Utah cold! Wahoo!

Ginsberg said...

We've got a dude who wore a baby blue kilt two weeks in a row to church here in Kansas (want to talk some more about wind?). I think the bishop talked to him about it last week, which makes me sad. I guess wearing pants is a sign of respect and reverence for God. Except, of course, if you're a woman.

Anna B said...

that's hilarious!! seriously. so funny. i remember dressing for cold as a missionary in nyc. it was freezing and we would put on a bazillion layers--long johns, socks, two pairs of tights, a skirt, a shirt, a sweater, a suit coat, a huge winter wool coat, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. still freezing. and we felt like sausages b/c the top layer was so tight.

Anonymous said...

Jeans or skirt, the only important thing is that you worked those heels. If you CTR in this regard, you're totally fine. Even more than that, you're totally hot -- with a double t.


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