Friday, July 11, 2008

things I am not

It's not pink. It's not green. I don't even know if it's me, but after a week or so of dreading even visiting my blog, we're going to try this.


My brain is so tense right now. I'm overwhelmed by all the things that I'm not: trendy, artsy, indie, thin, published, sleeping, in school. It's the last one that hurts the most right now. The only time I really feel 100% eg is when I'm with K--when I can put everything in my head out there, and be understood.



In other, and more important, news, it's finally out:


Anna B said...

i miss you.

Th. said...


You know, I would borrow it from you if you lived around here. Is that why you always sun my Berkeley suggestions?

And: I personally LOVE the new background. I don't know if it's you either, but I think it's great.

editorgirl said...

The th. stamp of approval makes me like this even more.

And check your inbox. . .

JB said...

I like it. :)

eleka nahmen said...

I like it too - it's trippy.

Ginsberg said...

I agree with Theric's assesment of your new look.

As for these other things that you're "not":

trendy--Trendy is not a good thing where I come from, e.g. Being non-trendy only reveals you're depth and timelessness.

artsy--You are actually quite artsy. Remember when we went to that museum in S.F.? Remember all those "ephrastic" poems you've written?

indie--Isn't being "indie" right now kind of like being "grunge" in like 1993? While there is a worthy anti-capitalist mentality (just as there was among 1960s hippies and the whole "alternative" thing in the early '90s), mostly "indie" has become (or always was???) merely a cultural style. (But if you want to boost your "indie cred" anyway, listen to Boise, Idaho's best kept secret, Built to Spill. I can send you MP3's)

thin--Overrated. Thin doesn't equal beautiful.

published--This is just temporary. You will be published. Soon. -ish.

Those last two (sleeping, in school) do kind of suck, though. Sorry about those. And sorry this is so long, but your dot is never green on g-chat, so I'm left with this.

Alexis said...

things you are not:



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