Monday, July 14, 2008


Thursday: Free Andrew Bird concert.

Thursday: Barbeque at my parents' home in honor of Stephen and Ashton's marriage.


Anonymous said...


Andrew Bird's pretty cool.

I don't know anything about those other people.

Unknown said...

Free concert. FREE CONCERT. I know I'll be there.

oh! resolution said...

Is this even a question? Andrew Bird, hands down. Those people will be married for a while, I bet. You can always host a bash in their honor later (if you end up liking them as a married couple, that is).

eleka nahmen said...

Concert. Concert. Concert.

Anna B said...

i bet you could cameo at the bbq, and then head to the concert. here's my deal with soon to be married people: do they even care if anyone else is there? no. they are pretty much interested in each other--which is great. so i never feel bad skipping out on wedding type things like receptions, bbqs, etc. because i know that no one will really know or remember whether or not i came!

Thirdmango said...

Andrew Bird. Screw family.


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