Wednesday, September 10, 2008

week week week week

Actually just "week." One week before I leave Utah. Or go to Chicago. Whichever way you want to look at it.
I have a place to live. And a roommate. And apparently a fondess for conjunctions.
Symposium on Poetics on Friday. Featuring Kim Johnson, Jay Hopler, Susan Howe, Lance Larsen, and Paisley Rekdal. In seating order, of course. And my favorite quotes. Ever.

Larsen: "All we can do is filch or fabricate [our poetics]. All lyric poems are one."

Howe: "my poetry operates cynically"

Hopler: "my poems tend to be smarter than I am"

Hopler quoting James Tate: "If you're not surprised by the poem, the reader's not surprised by the poem."

Johnson: The function of poetry is to "redeem the unrepresentable in the world".

Hopler: "the inevitable fall [down the page]"

Larsen/Johnson: The poem itself ought to be its own experience/world and follow its own rules. It casts a shadow on this world.

Hopler: Language has to be beautiful in a way the world cannot be.

Hopler: What a poem is about is the least interesting thing about a poem.

Johnson: When I start with those four words, I assume the poem is already there.


Anna B said...

how did something like that even happen?? i wish i had been there. i can't believe you leave in a week!!!! i'm pumped for you.

Meg said...

You better call me so we can go to lunch or something before you leave! Are you avoiding me???? :)

Alexis said...

I'm really sorry I missed you this weekend. Dang.

I hope you don't think I'm a bad friend. I really did want to see you before you took off on your latest adventure, which I can't wait to hear all about by the way.

Also. Those are some seriously awesome quotes. Rekdal didn't say anything amazing? I read The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee and really liked it, but I haven't read any of her poetry (except maybe you had one on your blog?)...

Ginsberg said...

Man, this is why I'm a hack. I don't say things like that and my poems don't do things like they talked about. Anyhow, good luck in Chicago.

Kjerstin Evans Ballard said...

Thank you so much for the heads-up on this symposium. I slipped in late and left a little early and was very glad I went. Good luck!

Joseph said...

Are you in Chicago? I need an update.


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