Wednesday, August 27, 2008

everything I know about Chicago I learned from Ferris Bueller*

So it's official: I'm moving to Chicago. All I have right now is a date--September 17--that I'll be there. No apartment, no housing--yet.

Classes start Sept 23. I'm taking a poetry workshop (yay!) and a seminar on teaching creative writing (double yay!). Just two this term, so that I can direct some energy towards figuring out this whole Utah-girl-in-the-city thing. (Please let it be like London with American accents!)

What I do know about Chicago: the El(evated Trains). I love love love mass transit. The Museum of Contemporary Art, right down the street from Northwestern's Chicago campus (I'll be at both campuses over the next few years, but both of my classes will be in Chicago this term). Oh, and AWP will be there in February. After all the sadness of not making it to NYC this year, they're bringing it to me.

I'm really excited. Really nervous--I'm hoping I have a place to stay by the time I get out there. But mostly the excited bit. And now I have to work on a (gasp!) new poem. Workshop, here I come!

*I feel this need to, at some point during my Chicago life, re-create FB's Day Off. Including this scene. Which means I need two of you to visit me. I will be accepting applications.


David Grover said...

And Chicago is Gotham City.

And a girl in my home ward recently married that guy on the left. Crazy, yeah?

Anna B said...

whoa! dibs!

Unknown said...

OH. EM. GEE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm only like three hours away (which is like a nanosecond in Midwest time!) Can we please have a Chicago reunion??

Ginsberg said...

I volunteer to play Cameron. Face it, I was pretty much born to play that role. (p.s. the Ferris Bueller museum is the Art Institute of Chicago.) Chicago also has Wrigley Field and has got to be one of the best American cities for looking at architecture.

Th. said...


And Wrigley probably has a limited lifespan, so keep that in mind.

I've only spent a few days in Chicago, but I love it. Great city.

mlh said...

I heart Chicago. Far, far more than I ever hearted NY.
You know, I'm far more likely to visit you in Chicago than if you had been accepted in, say, New York.
Kind of surprised me how much I heart that city, because I've always been a St. Petersburg, artsy-cultural city kind of girl, but a broad-shoulder Chicago totally seduced me. It probably also had a lot to do with being the first city where I had done significant traveling alone. That and the Institute of Art.

Yeah, the Institute of Art probably had a lot to do with it.

The key for FB is to show up on St. Patrick's day.

Kjerstin Evans Ballard said...

I thought that New York was Gotham and Chicago was Metropolis. Batman is cooler. But I think I'm ready to be seduced by Chicago. Mostly because Sufjan Stevens thinks it's cool, but also the train station part of it: I love train stations because they're practical and also beautiful, and Chicago is practical. Also the midwest ambiance. Not sure.
Anyway. I will be in Chicago. I will visit you. We will go out and eat something delicious please. :)

Renaissance Girl said...

green zebra.


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