Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I gave up on lunch

I am accutely aware that I am trying to Accomplish something.

This past week I have made lists and more lists and bought books (and more books). I don't think I'm one step closer to where I should be. And what I have done, wasn't part of the Plan.

I taught a six/seven-year-old Primary class on Sunday. I thought I was getting four or five kids, and was crossing my fingers for only one hell-raiser--although, sans hell-raiser, it's two very dull hours.

What I got was seven kids, all of them hyper in their own (mostly) fantastic way. My favorite moment came at the beginning of the lesson when, after I had told them who my brother and sister are, one boy started a mutiny by shouting, "You can't teach us! You're just a teenager!" I explained that I wasn't a teenager, that I was (am) 25. Their response? "But you're not married! You can't teach us anything!"

My response: "Well, I guess I could go find you an old married lady who didn't bring you treats today to be your teacher."

If only all problems could be solved with token chocolate.


Anna B said...

that is hilarious! the idea of teaching primary totally freaks me out. i wish kids thought i was a teenager. i remember once on the mission some kid guessed my age at 40 or something. granted, i was wearing this one jacket. 40 is sexy, right?

Th. said...


40 is totally sexy.

Alexis said...

I teach the four and five year olds. When they asked me how old I am and I told them, I had one girl who said, "My mommy is bigger than you." Ha.


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