Thursday, May 29, 2008

the essential "get rejected" thing

is what Tolkien Boy calls it.

I have been sending out poems (!), courtesy of a job that leaves me with a little free time here and there. Today I got another rejection, but with a promising note that the editor really liked "Garden of the Musee Rodin." It makes me feel one step closer.


Th. said...


I liked it too.

Anna B said...

!!! that's exciting!! yea! way to be sending out poems--very brave and productive of you.

Amanda said...

Keep your eyes peeled for an essay by Brian Doyle called "Yes." I think it's published or soon-to-be-published in...Kenyon Review? I'm pretty sure Kenyone Review. Anyway, it's about Yes but also about sending and receiving rejection letters. I think you'd enjoy it. It's encouraging to hear about really great writers getting rejected regularly, because then you just feel part of the whole, you know?

Anyway, good luck with the publishing thing. And I hope you're having a great summer! (That just turned into a Facebookish post. My apologies.)

Ginsberg said...

Way to go on submitting, though. Something will happen.


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