Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Synchronicity, or Fall is Coming

A brilliant essayist, who still resides in my mind as Grover, posted a beautiful piece yesterday, endnoted with the comment "This is how an essayist writes this. How would a poet do it?" I'm not sure if this is a partial answer to his question, but his post woke me up. Since that hasn't happened in a long time, here is my (rough) take on his essay.

A Poem after "Synchronicity, or Fall is Coming"

Buried at your heart
is October, refusing
to line up and pass neatly by
with other months.
You will avoid the frost of February,
the sweat of August--
October's campfire clings to your hair
and the marching of ghosts and goblins
accompany your steps.

Fall is coming. We hold hands
against the cold, bracing ourselves
for the flames.


David Grover said...

Fantastic. I never saw it coming that way.

Christian said...

Ooh. I like it.


(And I miss you.)

Anonymous said...
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Tolkien Boy said...

It has been way too long since I've read your poetry. Thanks, I needed that.

Anonymous said...

"October's campfire clings to your hair". . . Lovely.

Th. said...


Nice work, eg.

David Grover said...

"The Plicka" just gave me a ride home form institute. I know it's premature, but I'm completely smitten.

David Grover said...

Also, feel free to use my essay. May I post this poem on my blog? We should stop talking through comments and start using email or something. Mine is

Kristen said...

mmmmmm. lovely. where's the rest of the poetry that you promised to send to me?

mlh said...

Honestly, my very favorite parts are the beginning and the end. Especially the end. There's something very endful about it. Kind of fatalistic end of the worldliness, you know?

Did you know you are a fine poet?

(Yes, "fine." I visited Susan Howe yesterday. When are you going to introduce me to Kim?)

I'm also very keen on the "buried at your heart" part. Interesting to me how you came at the conclusion to use the preposition "at" instead of, say, "in."


I miss you.


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