Friday, September 07, 2007

eg, girl genius

Okay. Story time.

I bought an insanely expensive hair straightener/curler, mostly because I can't say "no" to people I know when they ask if I want to buy something. The good thing is, I love this little appliance. It heats up fast, it does nice messy curls, etc. Life is good. Or life was good until one day it decided to quit on me.

I sent it back, got a new one. Life is good again. Until last night, when I'm trying to turn it on and it just won't work. Again. The sadness, the despair, the pure frustration which has been building ever since I drove through campus on the first day of classes. I gave up yesterday, until this morning when I decide to have hope. I plug it in, turn it on. Nothing. I try seven different things, and am ready to throw in the towel, when I glance at the label "Do not something something Dryer." I had plugged in my hair dryer, not the straightener/curler. I found the plug for the instrument I wanted, plugged it in, and voila. I got back to damaging my hair.


Anna B said...

amazing how plugs work! how about you send me a picture with the new hair style!!

mlh said...

Sometimes it's just not plugged in. Story of my life.

David Grover said...

Editor Girl! I found your blog through Special K's blog, which was introduced to me by Joey Franklin, who knew her in Japan, apparently. Isn't it weird when friendships circle around forever before finally touching base?

Anyway, I can't remember what you told me about OU when we met at the 110 that day, and I'm sorry I haven't been a better or at least more vocal friend. Truth is you poets scare the shee outta mee, though I know I shouldn't let it. Anyway, let's be friends again now: it's worth it.


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