Thursday, November 09, 2006

things that make me feel guilty

  • seeing professors who teach the class I plan on skipping (or skipped) that day
  • taking more than a week to return papers to my students
  • using one word to answer a question that deserves a paragraph (and vice versa)
  • reading my friends' blogs and not leaving a comment
  • being more interested in the toddler I'm holding than the presentation going on in front of me
  • ignoring a friend
  • asking another writer to change what they've written for not aesthetic reasons
  • not finishing an assignment
  • forgetting someone's name
  • liking the same guy as a friend
  • not blogging for an extended period of time (especially when I've decided on grad programs, been introduced to The Weepies, gone to AA's cabin, introduced and eaten lunch with a really cool poet, read a dozen good books, become obsessed with a few more TV shows, and encountered at least three young men who I enjoy looking at, and who exist in real life.)


B.G. Christensen said...

What grad programs (and young men) have you decided on?

Christian said...

Hmm. It sounds like we need to make time for a FobUtah to become reacquainted. Because I must know all the news.

Unknown said...

Crap, now I have to leave a comment or else I'm going to feel guilty.

Kristen said...

oh. kristen wants to know the things!

Katya said...

I also read your blog, so I'm leaving a comment. (And I'm curious about the last paragraph, like everyone else.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you owe us all some info. . . men that exist in real life???

Was number seven directed towards me and recent occurances?

Melyngoch said...

I'm not leaving a comment, and I will feel no guilt whatsover.

Anonymous said...

Three? Wow.

Also, I have to thank you for throwing us the best anti-shower ever, and for introducing me to the Weepies, whose name I hate and music I love.


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