Saturday, January 24, 2009

a trip to the laundry


Lauren said...

I'm so sorry, luv. That looks absolutely treacherous for just a laundry job. I miss you tons! I wish you were here for dad's b-day party. And I wish you had been at Barnes and Noble with me while I was looking for Elizabeth Gaskell novels. Hmph. And I miss you getting excited with me about 80s flicks. Double hmph. I love you!

Th. said...


It's hit the 50s here and we are freezing*!!!!!


Anna B said...

life seriously stinks!

eleka nahmen said...

I loooove Chicago..

If I wasn't so intoxicated by Seattle I'd be lobbying hard to get on one of the campaigns for the 5th CD special election there.

Marie said...

I'm glad you added me on facebook and now I have access to your blog. I'm a stalker-watch out. I don't always comment, but I'm always reading.
Me-still trying to finish that darn thesis. Agony as you well know. I'm many drafts away, but I have a good portion written in draft form. Lisa says hi and she almost stalked John K. at Sundance-the first person who would have gotten her there as well.

Yancy said...

That looks dangerous.
(And this coming from someone who does his laundry in the basement of a New York apartment building.)


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