Tuesday, January 27, 2009

listening to. on repeat. again.


ke said...

Soo beautiful. And terribly sad. Editorgirl vs. the Chicago winter. Go Edi go!

Jannifer said...

Why hello my friend! It has been a long time. First off, I love that you love Joshua Radin and a perfectly good reason to go to Northwestern. Second, I love this song as well. You have great taste in music. I hope you are doing well in fridged Chicago! Also, I'm heartbroken that I just barely found out John Krasinski was up at Sundance from your blog, meaning I missed meeting him. This is becoming too long for a blog post, but I'm glad we are blogging friends! You are simply amazing!

MWalker said...

hey editorgirl. i check in every once in a while to see how one of my favorite interns-all-grown-up is doing. it is also freezing in provo and this song is making the long winter here more hopeful. thanks for sharing. and godspeed in your poetry and other efforts.


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