Tuesday, January 06, 2009

the ebb and flood clearing all the channels of your heart

Feel free to sing along.

I had Laura Veirs' "Saltbreakers" playing over and over again in my head last night. Why? First of all, because it's a good song, completely worthy of being stuck in my head (unlike the rousing chorus from the Buffy musical that somehow found its way in this morning). More importantly, however, "Saltbreakers" was playing courtesy of an odd introduction round in my writing seminar last night: Give your name, your genre, and your "deal breaker."

I know, I know--such a connection is tenuous enough to be worthy of a poet, but I like the song and "Deal Breaker part one" was a lame title. And the song was going through my head.

Anyway, we shared our deal breakers--Enya, bad breath, pinkeye, bad jokes, giving beer to a toddler, Enya--and then went on with the lecture. Until the end of the lecture wrapped back around to deal breakers. It's our first writing assignment--choose a genre, write about your deal breaker.

Despite my answer last night, I don't know what my deal breakers are. I want something entertaining, not a serious discussion--and most of my "true" deal breakers are serious (religion, education).

So here's your assignment: Deal breakers. Discuss.


Anna B said...

for one, buffy the musical is totally stuck in the head worthy! that thing is brilliant.

deal breakers, eh? nonserious ones? regrettably, most of mine are serious. but i'm sure i can think of some silly ones:

sandals with socks would be pretty dang close.
jane austen haters--that's serious, though.

sheesh, i can only come up with serious and/or potentially offensive ones! perhaps this explains some things... :) i'll have to come back.

David Grover said...

Journey. If you can't love Journey, don't bother lovin' me.

Girls that like my guitar skills before they even know me.

People who use Bic pens.

People who don't love maps.

People who like Tuesdays with Morrie.

People who really, seriously, and without any irony, love Twilight.

Ugg boots.

chimera said...

This is remarkably applicable to the Facebook message I just sent to Tash. I'll paste it here:

"So I was chatting on Facebook with a guy from my ward I don't know very well, and while we were chatting I got interested enough to look at his profile, where he has posted:

'I wouldn't be able to live without my country music!!'

With the two exclamation points.

For real.

I should just x out of this convo right now and save everyone some time."

Saule Cogneur said...

Won't eat Indian food.

Is not attracted to men.

Would not vote for Steven Colbert were he running for president in their state.

That's pretty much it.

I used to have more, but it seems I always date exceptions to my rules...

eleka nahmen said...

First of all, I <3 Laura Veirs. Saltbreakers is a great song.

Dealbreakers..oh god, I don't think I even get to answer this one anymore, cause I'm dating a guy who doesn't know what Prada is, voted for Hillary in the primary, endorses populism, and would rather have me in jeans than done up. The new dealbreakers are more serious, and more depressing..


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