Tuesday, January 27, 2009

missing you

I am writing this at the risk that someone out there will find this. "Out there" being those who I don't think read this blog.

Last night was dreadful. Dreadful. Dreadful and . . . encouraging. The one person in workshop I have any respect for gave me the best one-word response my writing has ever received. Being the kind of editorgirl I am, I'm not going to repeat said word, but still. And the prof's comments were promising. But the woman who suggested I more faithfully follow Ecclesiastes. . . whatever. Go team. I already knew it was good. I wanted to know how to make it better. I wanted some damn reader response. I wanted

I wanted Fob. Maybe a little bit of april. But mostly Fob--there's something satisfying about a group of prose writers (and one undercover poet) reading and responding to poetry. And even though I already knew this workshop wasn't half as wonderful as Fob, I hoped. I was stupid to hope, but I hoped. I'm a good writer. I'm a writer. But I need my Fob. (Hands and knees here, fellas.)


Th. said...


We love you.

(I think it's safe for me to speak for everyone when I probably know you least --- so if I love you, the surely everyone else does as well.)

Mr. Fob said...

Oh, I'm so happy you figured out my secret--that I'm an undercover poet!

Aislin said...

I love Ecclesiastes. But I only read it after I have had a bad haircut that I feel grumbly/irritated/devastated about. Then It makes me feel ugly AND wicked. Self-flagellation at its best.

Aislin said...

I'm sorry it was hard. I will continue to hope for whatever it is you need.


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