Saturday, January 15, 2005

Truth, Dare, and Eighth Grade

My roommate Emily and I walked into our apartment Friday night to find it occupied by the strangest of creatures--law students. I suppose we should be used to this by now, seeing as how our other two roommates are law students, but usually they don't travel in packs. And it wasn't so much that they were there, strewn about our living room and kitchen, but what they were doing: threading Fruit Loops onto (my) thread to make necklaces and bracelets and I think one guy made a crown.
The night digressed from there, with Emily and I thrown in the mix, until only about ten people were left (2 guys, 8 girls), and someone decided the next game should be "Truth or Dare." Everyone jokingly went along, writing down truths and dares on pieces of paper. Each person had to draw and either answer a question or perform a dare. This was mildly entertaining until after the first round the questions and dares continued to have a common thread: kissing. "Tell about your first kiss." "Describe your first kiss in detail, but not graphically." "Kiss Rich on the cheek. If you're a boy, throw this back and get a new question." Okay, so the last one was kindly put in by one girl hoping her friend who is interested in Rich would grab it and finally establish some form of physical contact. But still, are you people 3Ls or 8th graders? I don't even know if a self respecting eighth grader would ask and/or answer those questions. Sheesh.
This whole incidence begs the question, what bizarre world are we living in? Is everyone so obsessed with kissing and relationships and physical contact that we can't break away, even in a stupid party game? The sad thing is, the answer is yes. We cannot break away from these conversations and analyses and all-to-human desires that we have effectively distanced ourselves from.
And as for my first kiss, he missed.


KapkaVictim said...

Ah come on. Where's your sense of playfulness?

hate me please said...

i say we start boycotting bodies.


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