Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It's my party and I'll. . . never mind

I went to devotional today. I was so proud of myself, for being so spiritual and everything.

Actually, it started out as a crap day. I woke up late, had an 8:00 a.m. interview to get to, got to my interview (looking pretty damn good), and then had to sit through twenty of the dullest minutes of my life. Apparently this bloke was working for the CIA last summer because he didn't want to tell me anything, just that it was "a really great experience" and that he was married.

I returned to work to type up the interview and send out some emails only to find that my wireless connection was obselete for the moment. I could still type up my interview, which I started, until a computer guy (they live in the basement) came up to check out my machine, only to determine fifteen minutes later that he "didn't know what was going on." I continued typing until it was time for devotional.

Devotional itself was brilliant. Elder Pace was pretty funny and he said some cool things. If you didn't go, look it up on the web. (That's an order.) What was not so brilliant was that I ran into my midget stalker from last semester, who after the devotional proceeded to escort me to the JKHB, even though he had class in the MARB. Someone is now going to remind me how much I would like to have a decent guy around and that maybe I should give this one a chance. And in my defense, I will point out that he has two strikes against him, aside from general stalker creepyness: he is a psych major and he is shorter than I am. The next guy I date will be taller than I am.

Class was just proofreading, which I find some relaxation in. And now my day will continue, with or without my permission.



hate me please said...

why is it that stalker midgets only seem to latch onto people that don't appreciate them? if i had a stalker midget i would cherish it.


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