Thursday, June 24, 2010

san juan family portraits

No, not that San Juan. San Juan Island, Washington. State. Where it's cold. And where my family would spend every vacation if we could. (Maybe every other vacation. Got to get Europe in there sometime.)

Hmm. I guess this doesn't really show you want San Juan looks like. Or why go to San Juan. I guess that means I'll need to post more pictures. Dang.


Maryn said...

Hey, you weren't supposed to put that picture out in public! You ninny. Good thing I love you. :)

P.S.: Smoochies, a new smoothie shop, might just trump Yogurt Stop!

Lekili said...

So fun to relive it all again. Thanks for posting amazing memories.

Litasteve said...

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brozy said...

Wow. You and your sister look so much alike.


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