Saturday, May 02, 2009

mormon fun fact no. 34

(Almost) Every Friday after work, I find myself at Nevin's Bar with a few friends from work. And (almost) every Friday, Jesse asks me how many hours of church I'm going to attend on Sunday. Most of the time the answer's 3. Explaining General Conference was fun, because it was 8 hours of church, but I got to wear jeans/my pajamas. (I also got to eat yummy Charity-popped popcorn, but I didn't tell anyone that).

What follows are random "Do Mormons __________?" questions, scattered throughout the few hours we're there. Occasionally they alternate with "Do you have _______ in Utah?"

Last night Jesse asks, with a completely straight face,

"Do Mormons eat nachos?"


Lauren said...

Please tell me he was either joking or absolutely shocked to know the answer.
I wish I were there to hear the rest of the conversations.
P.S. I love you.

Anna B said...

i miss you! and i think it's so cool that you get the do mormons_____? questions. i rarely get any of those, people just seem embarrassed when they find out i'm mormon. maybe i give off a weird "please be embarrassed" vibe? who knows--but i love it when people ask.

Th. said...


Oh crap.

Do we eat nachos?

(ps: charity-popped popcorn is the greatest of all)

"In the way . . ." said...

I also found myself in a bar on Friday night. Pretty good for a former bishop . . . After dealing with ice water for a short time, I asked if they had any root beer. The bar maid had no idea, but she finally brought some--replete with ice and a straw. A friend from DC was quite concerned when he saw me drinking something brown. But, it trigger dozens of questions ranging from "what does a Mormon bishop do?" to "what can you drink?" to questions about temple marriage. It helped to bring up Seth's mission call and that sparked more questions. But, they didn't have nachos . . . .

Ginsberg said...

Nachos? Really? Who is this guy?


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