Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Lance Larsen, Backyard Alchemy.

Once in a San Jose park, on vacation, I asked
my daughter, Where are we?
She looked up at me: My dolly sits
on mine lap, I sit on yours, you sit
on the chair's lap, the chair sits
on the world's lap. There are a million
ways to say "California." Only a few promise rest.
(from "The World's Lap")

Think small. Think redundant and gossipy
in a cramped hand, with cross-outs
indicating an Ur-text that wavers between Byron's
"We're a sad jar of atoms" and a grocery list.
On lucky days, it spills itself as haiku drama.
(from "Reading Old Journal Entries")


stevesie said...

i almost bought that book. probably should have.

editorgirl said...

I own a copy. I'll bring it for you to read.

Anna B said...

yay for april, the best month.


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