Monday, March 30, 2009

brace yourself

Someone (Dad) mentioned that I haven't blogged in, oh, two weeks. I was simply going to say nothing happened in two weeks, but here are the highlights.

The day after my last post, I wrote a ten-page paper on Ezra Pound's poem Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, turned it in, bid farewell to the quarter and said hello to spring break, which I kicked off by hanging out with my co-worker friends at an Evanston bar (yes, I suppose "editorgirl goes to the bar" would have been a rather entertaining piece), nursing a Diet Coke and sharing a blissful piece of chocolate cake with The Other Sarah, and then confusing the party-happy friends by ending my night at the bookstore, where I picked up The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (a rec from Anna, The Only Anna). The Historian turned out to be 908 pages and most of my spring break, accompanied by a bad cold and hours of uninspiring television. I'm pretty sure I also went to church and a branch "talent" show, where the highlights were a Flight of the Conchords parody (the mind reels), a man singing "I'm Big in Japan" while solving two Rubick cubes, and a boy (if such distinctions can be made) singing "Starlight Express" accompanied by his girlfriend on rollerblades waving sparklers.

Of course, I could have made all of that up.

I promise more postings in April, especially since I'll be celebrating National Poetry Month and my not-25th birthday. Oh. . . and did I mention I'm Coming Home?


Th. said...


The Historian's been staring at me from its shelf for a couple years now. I fully intend to read it. Sometime.

Christian said...

The Historian has been recommended to me so many times that, because of your post, I have downloaded the sample to The Almighty Kindle. Maybe I'll actually finally read it. (But it's good to know it's a billion pages long so that should I actually read it I won't get frustrated halfway through at my apparent lack of progress, as happened with The 19th Wife.)

More importantly, when are you coming home?

stevesie said...

yay for coming home! how does one properly celebrate national poetry month?

Katya said...

Oh, The Historian is great! I highly recommend it.

editorgirl said...

Edgy: I'll lend you my copy of The Historian if you tell me you want it before April 15th, because that's when I'm coming home.

Sven: You'll just have to wait and see.

Lekili said...

Can't wait to get you here...we are going to party right? Wish everyone else was going to be out of school dang it. We will be celebrating your not 25th birthday.

Ginsberg said...

Do you mean "Big in Japan" by Alphaville? That's a great song! I mean, as 1980s synth-pop goes it's a great song.

Maybe I'll celebrate national poetry month by actually finishing (or at least working on) those poems I started back in January.


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