Tuesday, December 05, 2006

time for something new

Today I have managed to bascially waste a lot of time. I going to go ahead and self-diagnose and say it's nostalgia. For April. For Fob. For last Friday. All those stupid moments that I didn't know they were something until they were over.

I attempted to medicate via blog surfing, which usually makes me happy. And it did make me happy, but in this very odd, nostalgic-for-the-future (if that's possible) kind of way. I'm ready for it to be next year. Or at the very least, Christmas. I want to talk to Sven and hang out with Miss K and tease Tolkien Boy. I want I want I want. . .

This is getting to be a bad habit. I need to focus. And so, to focus myself, I have installed a new avatar. This is the new representation of eg. I'm not sure if I'm editorgirl anymore. Maybe I'm egg again. You tell me.

My new remedy: get dinner with LadyJane and Virginia, grab the new Poetry, and then hit the books and the writing until Saturday, when I'll take a break for the firm Christmas party, The King's English, and hopefully some music shopping with the Jester.

Ready? Break.


Anonymous said...

I don't know. You look like a woman with a bird on her head, which definitely has egg potential.

Tolkien Boy said...

Um...Ben...you shouldn't be so cavalier about reproductive production.

And I can't wait to get teased! Only 12 more days!

Anonymous said...

Far away, so close
up with the static
and the radio(waves)
with satellite television,
you can go anywhere--
New Orleans,
London, Belfast and Berlin.

And if you listen,
I can't call.
And if you jump,
you just might fall.
And if you shout,
I'll only hear you. . .

That's what I think about your new avatar.

Anonymous said...

While I DO very much like the avatar, I just have to point out that it does clash just a teensy little bit with the pink theme you have going on your blog already..

But remember that I'm shallow, and you're deep, and dismiss this with ease :)


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