Friday, August 11, 2006

Are you this fleeting?

I've had at least a dozen blog ideas going through my head since I last blogged. I couldn't decide on one that could follow up what I'm currently reworking as a poem, even though that wasn't my initial intent. Could I be more convoluted? I'm just going to try to work through some of these ideas. It may turn into the longest post ever; or it might just be a few sentences. I guess we'll see.

Death Cab concert
The Death Cab for Cutie concert was Tuesday night. The Jester came with me and we had fun mouthing along to songs from all the albums. That was probably the best part--they played some of my favorites. Sven always raved about their shows, but this was so much more than I expected. And there was the unexpected bonus of seeing Melyngoch and Ginsburg holding hands.

Death Cab: Directions
Death Cab just came out with a companion DVD to their CD Plans. It's not music videos so much as it is short films that coincide with the music. It's insane and brilliant and makes me more than happy. I get similarly excited about when I see films "coinciding" with poetry. Mixing genres, reinterpreting art. I think we're going to have a movie night to watch Directions. . . and maybe do some brainstorming about how to electrify the world in a similar fashion. (Blame Kj and Aaron).

You're Beautiful
In a moment of weakness or desperation or divine intervention, I signed up on LDS Singles. I've actually "met" some nice people. . . and some really weird people. . . and I've also given myself the chance to consider some truisms I'd always recited about myself and my situation.

This is going to seem snobbish or something, but I've always known I was smart. I didn't need guys to tell me that. What I did need was guys to tell me I'm attractive--to confirm that sneaking suspicion that I'm not a total blight on the human race. And it is nice to hear every once in a while. But once it's been said, I don't want it again and again and again. Established, move on. And I've also realized that I've reached the point where giving up on my education and career just aren't options for me. This is so important, and it's what I'm supposed to be doing. And yeah, it scares me that this will mean that I'm alone longer. . . but I wouldn't be happy any other way.


Melyngoch said...

Yes, I think it was an unexpected bonus all around.

And you're beautiful.

(Did I mention you're beautiful?)

(Oh, pardon me while I interrupt the witty and intelligent thing you're saying to mention that you're beautiful.)

(Editorgirl! You're beautiful.)

(Oh, wait, I'm not a guy. Can I still be annoying?)

Aislin said...

How do you define "giving up" your education and career? There are so many levels... I would not have thought that was remotely an option. And neither will whomever happens rightly. It is important; it will not be lost. Gestampkunstwerk.

Anonymous said...

I miss you lots and lots. Please come hang out with me in London

Anonymous said...

Hey! You guys are talking about me as if I weren't even here. Well, I guess I wasn't here for a long time. . . but I am now. First, I think your blog title is frickin' awesome, Editorgirl. (Man, it feels sort of goofy to use your fake name.) If I were ever to buy a desk set--twice--I'd probably buy this one. . . both times.
An unexpected bonus? Without question.

Anonymous said...

p.s.--you're beautiful in every sense of the word.


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