Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm so Lost without you

Here's what's really on my mind: How in the world am I going to survive until October 4 to find out what happened to Jack and co.? I mean, they left Jack, Sawyer, and Kate with the Others (Levinas would have a field day with this show); Sayid, Sun, and Jin are on the boat wondering about the foot of the four-toed statue; Hurley is making his way back to camp; Charlie and Claire are kissing; and we don't even know if Locke, Eko, and Desmond survived the magnetic explosion. . . thing.

I hate to admit it, but I've become attached to these people. Some more than others, granted, but still. I need to know.

Television shows are bad news for people like me. I have to have things finished--I can't just leave a project alone. For this reason I read through all eight of the Work and the Glory novels in about two weeks when I was in my teens, even though I knew it was, well, the Work and the Glory. Movies are good, because that's that. End of story. Unless, of course, they decide to be stupid and leave it cliffhanging (I've heard that Pirates and I won't be friends this time around).

Lost has become the ultimate cliffhanger, so I've had to find other ways to occupy my time and my mind. I've read novels--two Lauren Weisenbergs, two Jodi Picoults, and a Sophie Kinsella. I've been to plays. And movies. And now I've found a temporary fix, courtesy of Melyngoch's influence. Yes, my name is editorgirl, and I am becoming an Alias addict. I'm halfway through the first season and my only comfort is that I'll be able to go straight into the second season when I'm done. And then the third, and then the fourth. Hopefully by that time Lady Jane will be back in Provo and school will be starting and the show will have started to be annoyingly dreadful so that I can distance myself enough to focus on what really matters--Lost.


JB said...

I'm like this with the books I'm into. I finished the last one I was reading, but I feel like the story is still going on. And I haven't had a fix in weeks! It's driving me nuts!!

Melyngoch said...

I am delighted to see the influence my Michael Vartan picture has had on your life decisions.

Emily said...

You know, I was missing Lost a couple days ago. We really have to wait until October? Hm. I'd forgotten how long it would be.

Anonymous said...

You're right about the show becoming dreadful at about the 4th season. But I still want to know what happens. So watch 3 seasons in the next 4 weeks, then I'll come back and watch 4 with you! Great to IM the other night, by the way. Life is not cool w/o Sarah

Unknown said...

Hey--wasn't Sayid really on the beach lighting the fire after going through the fake Others Camp? How sad will it be when Desmond's girl finally finds the island (and you know she will) and he's dead (of course, we can' know for sure...)? And why wasn't Locke on the list of people to bring back to the others if that hostage Other got caught while coming to get him? Of course, I'm suspecting that the hostage Other was actually the leader (and a very good actor). Sigh. I was able to shorten the time between seasons by delaying viewing the final episode for a few weeks (love DVR's), but October is quite a long time away.

And, by the way, Harry Potter 1-6 takes about two weeks, too. And I discovered a loophole that means Dumbledore doesn't have to be dead.

Bassercussionist said...

I have no idea what Lost or Alias are about, but I do understand the anxiety for denoument (is that the right way to spell that?). I recently saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean, and I was infuriated at their way of leaving me hanging at the end. That can't be legal.

Of course Dumbledore's not dead.

Tolkien Boy said...

Don't be ridiculous. Of course Dumbledore is dead. But Sirius isn't.


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