Friday, August 05, 2005


Two blogs in one night after months of silence. Or something like that. I know, it blows the mind. But I had a revelation tonight and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it.

I've been in a lot of lit and writing classes where the issue of the artist being mentally unstable has been brought up. A lot of the greats are thoroughly unbalanced. I'm not even going to give examples because you can supply them for me. And I've taken some comfort from these discussions because we all know I'm crazy. But here's where the revelation comes in--not sure how it ties in to the crazy aspect, but that's what it stemmed from tonight--I feel as if I'm waiting to do my great writing, or any writing at all for that matter. I'm waiting for a sense of completion. And I think that all my life I've expected that sense to come from a steady, serious relationship with a man. Hence all the dreadful blogging about that gender. But now I'm wondering--can that sense of completion come from something or someone or somewhere else? I guess this is a question for me to answer, but I wanted to know what you guys thought.

And Kapka, if you post, I will reply this time. Promise.


KapkaVictim said...

(spit take of some substantial quantity of liquid) What? You have to wait for a man to write? Someone's looking for excuses. The way a writer becomes a writer is they write. And writing, they become a better writer. Muses come and go, but there's been no indication that single people are less talented than those who marry. On the contrary, single people in creative feilds can often do very well because they don't "waste" their time on a family. Not that I'm recommending you never marry but become a nun to your inspiration. Quite the opposite: it is better to be a better person than a better writer. However, glory in the fact that your pursuit of a non-income generating project doesn't mean your non-existent children starve or a six hour writing blitz doesn't keep you from spending quality time with a non-existent husband. This is the prime time for the creator. It's pretty much this and retirement for the most time and effort that can be devoted to your project without hurting anyone.

BUT, the crazy and great thing is fascinating. Would we be better off with a happy Poe? Would he have written happy, good peices or are his peices good because they're stemming from a tragedy? I'd like to think that happy, sane people can do well in any field (Stephen King is, by all accounts, charming and well-adjusted). If we enjoy something because it is the strange results of depression, schizophrenia or alcoholism, does that make us exploitive? My hope and instinct is that the people who were famously drunk or high while creating masterpeices did so despite, rather than instead, of their sustance abuse. In fact, Stephen King has a chapter on that.

KapkaVictim said...

I post and this is the response I get? I'm calling you out, eg.

Th. said...


Yup. She totally failed you.

(ps: what about rabies?)


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