Friday, January 15, 2010

sigh no more, lady

Not what I would usually post. But at some point, I need to quit moaning and move forward--two things I'm not always the best at.

This week was a weird one. I taught a lesson on Sunday that was good, but not great. Monday I hung out with a friend, which was wonderful, and then. And then I crashed. Which I wasn't ready for--usually I can stop the train wreck. But instead I let myself spin out of control, just thinking and overthinking. And then I let myself blog. . .

So the change. After a few days of dwelling on missing where I was three or four years ago, I decided maybe it might be a good idea to say hi to those people and things I loved then.

I have a good life here in Chicago. I'm happy I'm here. I'm really happy that I'm writing poetry, when I'm writing poetry. I do miss all those people and all those things we used to do and talk about--but I forget that they're not gone, they're just a little more spread out.

There's a blogging trend that I kind of like, that I'm going to try copying for a week. It's an "editorgirl loves" kind of feature. Usually this refers to other posts on other blogs, but in this case, it's just me, in my apartment, letting myself remember and this time be happy in remembering.

I'm hoping to start tonight. See you then.

*artwork found on Typcut.


Anna B said...

i get this. i heart you.

Jim/Blog said...


Marzipan said...

...can't wait to read it. Love you.

Marzipan said...

Sorry. That was your mom. Leslie


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