Monday, January 18, 2010

enforcing gender stereotypes.

I think after a really long, really boring, really frustrating day, it can be hard to love. But I made a promise, and I'm going to keep it, dammit. (I love the word "dammit," dammit.)

So. What do I love? Well, I'm a girl, so I must love


and kittens.

okay, not so much with the kittens.

but babies. I do love babies. At least, these babies.

All pictures from Flickr, excepting, of course, Samuel and Abby (which I took--take that, world.)


ITSM Process Consulting said...

so cute pictures thanks for sharing this with us...

"In the way . . ." said...

Sarah. You kill me.

"In the way . . ." said...

That comment would be Lekili.

Aislin said...

Have you seen this? It's good for a few endorphins. And then there's the goat.


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