Wednesday, January 13, 2010

and we'll watch Christmas TV

I have now listened to "Christmas TV" by Slow Club seventeen times. And I'm thinking of all the Christmas TV I missed this Christmas. I'm pretty sure I passed out during Christmas Vacation, which has never happened before. I didn't watch Garfield or Claymation or Muppets. What was I doing all Christmas?

Maybe this.

I call them Seth Heads. Now whenever I miss my missionary brother, it's like he's right there. Just sometimes he's much smaller.

I may have also stepped in as singer for the awesome Rock Band Narwhal. But there's really no proof of that.

20 times.


heath said...

That is really, really funny, and slightly disturbing.

Anna B said...

hahahaha! this cracks me up! i heart sara e. jenkins.

Lekili said...

...and much more. How about the fabulous cooking,talking, making zipper and rickrack barrettes and headbands. Proof of how dang busy we were that we didn't get to our usual Christmas shows!


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