Monday, October 29, 2007

thesising. . .

There's no real pressure to be here. I mean, sure, there'd be a few snide remarks and then a few pleading ones (I'm pretty sure most of those would be courtesy of the Fobs) and then I'd disappear.

Shoot. This was supposed to be an upbeat post.

I wrote a solid page last night--a solid, Grossman-heavy, single-spaced page. Which changes the whole of my introduction. But I already knew that. I just didn't know I'd enjoy it so much. If enjoy = the manic laughter that ensued once I realized that I am a genius. Or at very least brilliant.

See? That was upbeat. Kind of.

Okay, the good of this past week included seeing K and getting letters of rec squared away for this year's round of please-let-me-in. And I have the schools chosen, although I feel as though I should have one or two more, but I am picky. Picky = not wanting to live in Florida for the next five years.*

The good of next week includes Regina Spektor at In the Venue on Friday and Martian Child, which also comes on Friday but I'll wait until Saturday to see. (Anyone else here the John Cusack hallelujah chorus playing? Because it's there.)

And because no post is truly complete without a picture, here's something for the kids:

PS. November 9th is Ben Lee at In the Venue. Currently I'm going solo for this one, but you are always welcome to join me.

*Jeff has pointed out that my pickiness is worthless at this stage in the game, so I think Florida is a go. Plus I was totally seduced by their course offerings.


Anna B said...

where are you applying?? what is the final list?!?!?!

David Grover said...

Indeed, we all want to know the list. You don't have to reveal the responses when they come if you don't want to, but I'll gladly tell you the places that refused me if you want.

editorgirl said...

The current list (in no particular order): Houston, Ohio, USC, Denver, Missouri-Columbia, Florida State (see how easily I am persuaded), and maybe Cornell. All are PhDs, except for Cornell, which offers a joint MFA/PhD to a few students each year.

Please note no Utah this round. It's time to learn to live without my mountains.

Anna B said...

why, oh why can't you mean usouthcarolina??

Special K said...


Edgy said...

So when do you think you'll watch Martian Child? And what are the odds of you watching it in my valley? Even if it's the very southern portion of my valley?

Th. said...


I was all about to be happy for you until jealousy overwhelmed my other emotions.

I want to see Regina Spektor!

Renaissance Girl said...

yes to john cusack. yes to thesising, especially if one can ride the grossman high. yes to horrifying shots of (a limited pool of) faculty. no to 27 dresses because, really: all indoor men on the cast list.


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