Sunday, October 14, 2007

I thought this was a good week

I told my therapist it was a good week. He shook my hand. Twice. I've been told that this can be a social indicator of congratulations. Maybe I got that wrong. Maybe he forgot who I was and was re-introducing himself.

I can count the good things: 4/5 classes went well. I began submitting poems to journals. Brooke helped me title some poems I've been working on. Brooke and mlh applauded some of my more experimental poems (unlineated verse with line break indicators--the gods must be crazy). K is coming in one week. Renaissance Girl started a blog. I found my favorite sushi roll at Happy Sumo. A guy who was The Boy three years ago is in Provo, is scruffy, and is going to have dinner with me on Monday night. Oh, and he called me. New meds are working. I found A Knot in the Grain, Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility Diaries, The Lovely Bones, and multiple Agatha Christies at DI. Two John Cusack movies to look forward to. And I just ended a sentence with a preposition. I should be on cloud six, at least.

Oh well. I'm just going to content myself with hyperlinking the hell out of this post.


Special K said...

I heart hyperlining the hell out of posts.


Mr. Fob said...

I'm glad you had a good week. :)

Edgy said...

So what's your favorite Happy Sumo roll?

mlh said...

I'm so unhyperlinked.

You can have all my hyperlink ration.

Edgy said...

Based on your recommendation, Dec and I tried it at the Sumo tonight. It was good. The Vegas is still my favorite, but yours was an excellent complementary roll.

I would love to see you later this week for dinner or book buying. Oh! the happiness that either of those activities will bring me. :)

David Grover said...

Jolly good post, and thanks for the tip on that Poirot novel. Sorry the guy who may not have ever been "The Boy" is not going to be in town soon, but I still got my scruff. And I'd take you to dinner. And way to go for submitting!!

rnr said...

Congrats on hyperlinking hell out of the post. Now, if you can extract heck from a post also, I'd be really impressed. It would be just divine.

My therapist never shakes my hand, so I'm jealous. She probably thinks I have cooties.


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