Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my weekly confession

I'm addicted to horoscopes. There's something so intriguing about lining up the stars to suggest your future or your present. And something so brilliant about that vague line horoscope writers have to walk so that every once in a while "My horoscope was exactly right!" Which, of course, brings to mind the scene from Sliding Doors where Anna is attempting to make Helen feel better about her break-up by reading Helen's ex's horoscope--"With Mars. . . you'll be killed in a freak napalm incident, etc." Genius stuff. (If you haven't seen Sliding Doors, you should. Seriously. If only for John Hannah. And what more do you need?)

So my horoscope for today, courtesy of whatever random source Facebook is pulling from:
The past is returning to haunt you or help you, depending on what you were up to
back then. Karma isn't always as obvious as it is today, so it's a good reminder
to stay on the universe's good side.
I've been debating which part of my past they're suggesting. Past evil boyfriend who I should have realized was evil? The past month in which a whopping 0.00% has been completed on my thesis? The hamburger I shouldn't have had today? Okay, these are all haunting pasts. Let's think of a few helping pasts: a new Fob project, which has me writing again; a new CD suggested months ago by Renaissance Girl (The Weakerthans Reconstruction Site). . . if I'm using the word "new," does it still count?

Oh, and what I learned today about karma*: it can kill you. Slowly, softly, sometimes strumming, but it will kill.

* What I really learned about karma can be discovered by emailing me, but I try to keep it PG around here. PG or a very mild PG-13. Hmm. Maybe I should go by the UK's rating system. It just makes more sense.


Thirdmango said...

The only horoscopes I ever get into are the onion's horoscopes. I like seeing when they come true. Hoo Boy.

mlh said...

You're on my universe's good side.

Here's a new horoscope for you:

This week will be full of diet coke with lime and chortling. Avoid mysterious men with excessive back hair. Heck, avoid any man with excessive back hair. Your lucky numbers are 8, 24 and 319.y

mlh said...

Hey, do you want to have a thesis pity fest at the libraey some day? I'll bring the Tori Amos, you bring the three-hole punch.

heath said...

Hey, it was good to see you today. You looked fantastic, btw. I really need to come over--how many times can I say that on your blog before I actually get my rear over there?

Ginsberg said...

Unless that hamburger you ate came from McDonald's or the like I'm pretty sure you were right in eating it.

Facebook? Please don't tell me you're turning into one of those Facebook people. . .

The Weakerthans' Reconstruction Site is a FANTASTIC album.

And now I'm going to email you.


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