Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I taught Relief Society a few weeks ago. It was about marriage. Marriage and family. Our two favorite topics. Well, maybe your two favorite topics. Not so much in a singles ward. But I am teacher, hear me teach.

Charity and I were joking about how I could just start the lesson by saying, "My name is Editorgirl and I want to get married." So that's what I did. Only without the 'nym. And then I recruited Charity and four other girls to join me. I decided the best approach wasn't the usual "well, someday it will happen" or "I know lots of cool married people," but this crazy straightforward approach of "we want to get married and here's why." Honest, optimistic, open. Genuine.

The next Sunday the second counselor who had been sitting in on my lesson told me he had enjoyed my lesson. And that he hoped my writing was as witty and sarcastic as my lesson had been.

Honest. Open. Genuine. Sarcastic. One of these things is not like the other.

There should be a conclusion here, but I'm not sure what it is. Suggestions?


Anna B said...

what a COOL and uplifting way to teach that lesson! i wish i could have been there.

Lekili said...

It wouldn't be you if there weren't a little witty, sarcasm in the presentation...along with the genuine, honest, brilliant and the list goes on. Its what we love about you Sar.

ZeroSmythson said...

Society has lost the proper meaning of the word sarcasm; from its original Greek origins ("sarcasmus," meaning "to tear flesh," which is indicative of its negative intent), sarcasm has evolved in the popular lexicon to mean anything witty. It's something that really annoys me--well, actually, sarcasm employed in both ancient and modern meanings annoys me--but it annoys me when anything clever, witty, British, or wry is described as sarcasm. It just isn't accurate.

I mean nothing against the second counselor, though. Like I said, popular lexicon and all.

I'm sure your lesson was good.

Saule Cogneur said...

It's also likely you're sarcastic by default. You probably made some sarcastic (the dictionary version) remarks without realizing it.

ambrosia ananas said...

i think i would have enjoyed your lesson. a little honest sarcasm is good for the soul.


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