Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy the first

I'm not sure I can keep looking at my face every time I pull up my blog. It's not a bad face, it's just my face and I spend too much time with it. (Was that vain or just sad and lonely? and please note that in the first unedited version of this post, I did in fact spell that v-e-i-n. Happy Halloween.)

My mom sent me a newspaper article about writing down one happy thing a day, or something like that (I was distracted by the envelope full of pictures). I obviously haven't been doing that, but I thought maybe I'd try (maybe I was inspired to change the name of this blog a few years ago from "bitter diatribe is redundant" to it's current flying state). Maybe I should lay off the parentheses. They're addictive.

So. Happy thing from yesterday is unfortunately kind of easy, and by "unfortunately," I should mean I have to stretch to find something I wouldn't normally see. But I'm just warming up here, so I'm going to count it. Last night was a Charity night, meaning a $5 pizza and several hours of good and random conversation. We've already discussed our deepest darkest; last night we finally got around to comparing our TV watch list. Which reminds me: if I had started this happy-a-day thing on Tuesday, I so would have listed the first few minutes of this week's Castle. Nathan Fillion, I love you*. (Or I love the writers of the shows that make me love you.)

*In a non-creepy, non-obsessed kind of way. I'm saving that kind of love for someone special.


Lekili said...

I loved looking at your face...especially the very last picture of your Abby smile! Glad you're starting the happy-a-day thing...can't wait to read it!

Aislin said...

A bouquet of parentheses for you.


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