Tuesday, November 10, 2009

under pressure

Peer pressure is a nasty little thing. It's even nastier when it comes in the guise of a bridal shower.

We could pause here to explain to all the menfolk that a bridal shower is not a bachelorette party. A bridal shower is the bachelorette's cardigan-wearing tea-party-hosting sister. Which is all we really can hope for--hours of opening Pyrex and pillows and the occasional un-risque lingerie.

Okay. It wasn't that bad. The bridal shower I went to on Saturday was actually everything a bridal shower should be: informal and friendly, featuring Diet Coke and cupcakes. And it was short. I was also excited/happy for the bride, which makes for a less-excruciating afternoon.

What was bad was the ride to and from the shower. Not so much the company, but the conversation. And not so much the conversation, but what the conversation made me do.

The company was our new second counselor's wife, who was driving, and another "single sister." (Anybody else want to throw a punch?)

The conversation almost naturally fell to dating. (Why couldn't we just talk about the cupcakes and Diet Coke?) The 2nd counselor's wife is out to marry us all off. After circling the same topics of boys-need-to-ask, girls-need-to-flirt a few times, I told a story, hoping to end the conversation. The punchline of the story was that I had told a guy I was interested in that "I don't date." (Which I don't. I am honest to a fault.) It didn't end the conversation; it accelerated it, with the full force on how I was going to correct the situation. I mentioned a possible solution: a production I was already planning on going to this weekend at NU. "What a marvelous idea!"

I put that plan in my pocket, bought my lonelygirl ticket, and went to church on Sunday fancy-free. And I was accosted. Had I talked to the boy? Had I asked him out? Could I point him out again?

So I talked to the boy. I (kind of) asked him out. I even pointed him out again. And now I have a (kind of) date on Thursday.

Next time, kids, learn from my mistake: Just say no. (Or don't say "I don't date" and then tell the 2nd counselor's wife about it.)


Anna B said...

would feeling excited about your date make me a bad friend? ;)

The Ung Family said...

Your post made me giggle. Can't wait to hear about the date. Just enjoy yourself!

heath said...

Oh sigh--don't you just love meddling bishopbrics and their wives? Good luck with that. Hopefully she doesn't make you give a report of the date, play by play.

Lekili said...

That sounds like kind of a good pressure to be under...hope you have a blast.


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