Monday, February 11, 2008

answers (courtesy of YouTube)

According to some of my friends, I haven't been blogging much lately (apparently pictures of the Abby Baby don't exactly count, even if they should). I've kind of written myself out with thesis and poetry attempts. So there's that. And there's the fact that it seems like the only things people want to know about my life are answers I don't have right now. For example, I don't know where I want to go to school next year, other than anywhere I applied that will let me in. (Although please see the poll at right: Where will editorgirl be in one year?). And I don't know when my thesis will be "done." Hell, I don't know what "done" means. I can't conceive of my thesis not being in progress, although I certainly will let you know when it is out of progress.

After this long list, I decided to find some questions I do have answers to. And to make it more fun, I suggest you follow the YouTube links.

The three songs I've been listening to over and over and over again.

I had to check out ABC's Eli Stone because I love Johnny Lee Miller and Victor Garber. This is the moment I decided I gave it two thumbs up.

This was the result of trying to find Victor Garber clips on YouTube.

And this was the result of spending more time on YouTube (skip to 1:40 for the performance).

Okay, so nothing groundbreaking. But it's keeping me up at night.


dkm said...

Nice songs. Juno was lots of fun (got to love any movie that references Patti Smith). It sounds like you are in a contemplative mood, though. When I feel that way, this always hit the spot: There's nothing very cool or indi about Buckley, and Cohen’s version is the standard, but still . . .

Alexis said...

Hey! It was good to see you on my blog. I understand about the always-in-progress thesis. My mom and Gabe say things like, "Just finish it," and I wish I could. I may or may not ever graduate. I don't even have teaching or grad school applications as an excuse. Perhaps unfortunately, I am far away from Vegas and about to have a baby so I can pretty easily convince myself to ignore the whole situation. Your niece is adorable, and I miss you. Good luck!


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