Wednesday, July 07, 2010

noun, noun, noun

I kind of want a tattoo.

Don't worry, Mom, because I also want to build cakes and buy a wedding dress.

Damn you, TLC.

Funny story: I just typed "weeding dress." Freud would be so proud.

Dear Mom, if I ever get a wedding dress, I promise to weed in it. The front hill, just for you. (No I won't. But I'll clean the house to avoid the weeding. Just like old times.)

I've been wondering about growing up. When exactly is this supposed to happen?


mildred said...

oh oh oh, where would you put your tattoo? You don't have to say if it is in an "unmentionable" spot.

Anna B said...

right?? when does that happen? also, what would you get for the tatoo? i just recently had this conversation with brooke. if i HAD to get a tatoo, what and where. however, even pre pres. h. i could never have done a tatoo. commitment-phobe. i don't even like to wear a sweater without a shirt on underneath it just in case i want to take the sweater off. and i can't do hats, because once i put one on it has to stay on all day. i can't handle that kind of pressure.

editorgirl said...

shoulder blade. Oh wait, is that unmentionable?

And I would get the title of this post.

Alexis said...

Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog.

The end.

Lekili said...

I don't think tatooing noun, noun, noun would make those words any more emblazened (is that a word) on your soul than they already are.

And I'm not sure that the tatooers would know how to spell noun, noun, noun.


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