Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Of course it's one in the morning. Why wouldn't it be? And of course I'm awake. Sleeping is for people who, well, sleep.

That was profound. I'm profound a lot these days. Must be all the late nights. That or the cheese. And the Pop-Tarts.

Here's the thing: it's hot. It's hot, so I turn on the AC unit securely fastened in my window. And that huffs and puffs and blows cold air all night. Yay for cold air. But then--and here's the tricky part--the huffing and puffing keeps me awake. So I turn off the AC. And I fall asleep for a little while. But an hour or so later, and I wake up hot and icky and uncomfortable.

I feel guilty for complaining about this. I'm grateful for my apartment, grateful that I get to live [just north of] Chicago, grateful for that AC unit. But I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a week. I'm starting to look like one of the more disturbing Addams family members. Maybe the fat little boy in the striped shirt. Or the hand. No body, just a hand. He was my favorite.

Here's to round two of EG v. the AC. I'll tell you in the morning who won.


Lauren said...

Well at least you gave me a laugh.
Sorry you're not sleeping. I love you. :)

Just little old me said...

i hope you win. :)

Lekili said...

How about some ear plugs with the AC on all night? Sounds miserable and I am genuinely sad that you're having to deal with it. One more year...

Anna B said...

ok, i haven't actually finished reading the whole post yet, but cheese!! right? what is up with me and eating tons of cheese right now? ok. back to reading the post.


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