Thursday, January 31, 2008

it is

very very late. or very very early, depending on which direction you're heading. and for most people it wouldn't be either. i, on the other hand, no longer have a recognizable sleep pattern. i just sleep. a lot and at inappropriate times. which is why i didn't sleep last night. i told myself that sleep was not allowed until i have this chapter done. it's closer, but nothing meriting an all-nighter. although, based on this week's sleep, i'm not sure the past 12 or so hours qualifies as an all-nighter.


i stole periods from th. for this blog, and for that one poem i wrote a year ago.


all applications are in, as of yesterday when i was pretending i was going to have a productive day, which i would then interpret as a good day.


i know what i want to write. both in this blog and in the chapter. but everything keeps getting mixed up so Creech's Judas and my sleeping patterns and Kneehigh's A Matter of Life and Death, which I saw in London and read sometime this week, and various TV sitcoms and epithalamions and everything else don't have a clear place.


i just want to write poetry. please.


Anna B said...

you can do this!! you can! i am so excited that you are so close!! picture life after will never have to think about it ever again if you don't want. we'll need to do some kind of big celebration. something really great. for reals--my brain is working on it...
i miss you so much. i wish i were there and we could celebrate progress (or whatever we could) every day! you can do this!

Th. said...


You can't steal them if I give them to you (which i would have).

Can I see the poem?


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