Monday, January 21, 2008


Where do titles come from?

I'll tell you.

I don't know.


Seriously, I need help here. Strong poem, absolutely no title. I'd really like to include it in my manuscript for Denver, but I refuse to not have a title and no one word or phrase really stands out as title material. Can't I just be Dickinson and use numbers?


Mr. Fob said...

You can use numbers but you can't be Dickinson. She's dead.

Alternatively, you could call your poem "The Discontinuity of Atlanta's Thrawling." I think that's the perfect title for your poem.

The Big O said...


I usually use "xq42" when I'm stuck for a title. Has a nice ring to it.

Anna B said...

whereas i feel like the deadness of dickinson makes it possible for you to be her. i mean, b is virgina woolf. so hey, go for it!

Mr. said...


Oh, hey. That wasn't the Big O. That was me.

Of course, I'm in disguise now, but still....just felt a need to clarify.

mlh said...

Am I the only one curious to actually read this poem?


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